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After this experience, the specific idea for LMH Magazine actually came to her in a dream. And through a lot of determination and drive, in April of 2009 this dream finally came to fruition and the fabulous LMH Magazine was formed!

Ms. Bridgé interviews talented individuals who she features in her LMH magazine. She has also ventured out as a producer and debuted her first reality show "Miami's Got Talent", which was a local competition for fashion designers, photographers and videographers. The winning designer was Yasser Faraco and he got to dress Bridgé for her birthday party, at which time the winning outfit was revealed. The show aired on her very own online channel ‘LMH TV’ and it received more than 10,000 hits. After successfully producing this initial hit show, she has moved on to her next project which is a series written and produced entirely by her. The latest project is called Miami Very Social, a series that highlights the fabulous lifestyle of Miami.

Ms. Bridgé has lived all around the world and is both well-rounded and cultured. Before moving to sunny South Florida, she spent several years living in Rome, Italy. Ms. Bridgé's life story is most definitely a fascinating one. She has always been an entrepreneur. Having only worked at one official "job" in her life, and that being a six day stint at a Burger King, she has worked for herself ever since. Beautiful, multi-talented, and confident, when she made that move from Rome to Miami, she promptly opened up her own Miami-based hair salon, LMH Extensions. She has also dabbled in the fine arts, creating unique pieces of wall art, and she also is an accomplished jewelry designer. Additionally, Ms. Bridgé has been a successful music producer and as noted, owns the wildly successful LMH Magazine. She credits her first interviews with actor/comedian Jay Phillips with helping her get the magazine ‘off the ground’. Interviews made possible by her good friend the King of Miami Gerry Kelly.

Me, Myself & I

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King Of Miami Gerry Kelly

When Gerry Kelly arrived in South Beach in 1994, it was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Already an acclaimed haute couture designer and veteran international nightclub entrepreneur with a long-time home base on the fashionable island of Ibiza, the Irish-born Kelly brought with him to America a proven artistic flair and a powerful commitment to big-time success. Now, just six years later, he has made an indelible mark on the South Beach scene, emerging as its most influential creative and marketing force.

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